Clear Aligners

Have you been dreaming of a straighter smile, but hate the look of traditional metal braces? Ask our clear aligner dentist in Jacksonville, FL, if you’re a candidate for clear aligners. Unlike most types of conventional orthodontic treatment, clear aligners are clear and discreet. This means that you’ll be able to straighten your smile while feeling comfortable and confident.

Meet One of Our Success Stories

Dale had large bondings placed on his teeth to close a gap, which made his front teeth look too large. Dr. West removed the old bondings and closed the space with clear aligners. Dale is happier than ever to show off his bright smile.

Clear Aligner Dentists Near Me

Clear Aligner Dentist Jacksonville Florida

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Clear Aligner Dentists Near Me

Wish you could straighten your teeth like Dale did? Book a consultation with Dr. West to determine if you’re a candidate for clear aligners.

Jacksonville Florida Clear Aligners Dentist

How Clear Aligners Work

During your first clear aligner appointment, Dr. West will take a 3D scan of your smile. These digital dental impressions will give us a clear view of your bite and allow Dr. West to create your treatment plan.

As a clear aligners provider, Dr. West has both the knowledge and experience to enhance your smile with clear aligner treatment. Once Dr. West finalizes your clear aligner plan, she’ll send the information to a dental lab that will fabricate your aligners.

Each set of custom clear aligners offer a snug and comfortable fit. As you wear your aligners, they’ll exert a gentle but constant pressure on your teeth to move them into their final positions. The result is a healthier, more attractive smile you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

The magic of clear aligners is that they’re practically invisible. This means that most people won’t even realize that you’re wearing orthodontic aligners unless you tell them. For this reason, many teens and adults seek clear aligner treatment from our trusted cosmetic dentist.

Clear aligners are also removable, which gives you the freedom to continue eating your favorite foods. People with braces have to avoid foods that are sticky and/or difficult to chew, but you won’t face these same limitations. Simply remove your aligners to eat and drink anything but water. Once you’re done, remember to brush your teeth before wearing your orthodontic aligners again.

One of the other benefits of clear aligners is that you won’t have to change your oral hygiene routine. No flossing around brackets and wires! Instead, you’ll be able to remove your aligners to brush and floss as you would normally.

Schedule a Clear Aligner Consultation

Dr. Jacqueline West is proud to serve as a clear aligner dentist in Jacksonville, FL. She’s also happy to improve the smiles of patients from nearby Riverside, Avondale, and Ortega. To schedule a clear aligner consultation, please call West Dentistry at (904) 387-3333. You may also fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.

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